I’m a photographer & tabletop director based in New York. I grew up in Switzerland, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and a culture of simplicity in design – elements that are reflected in my visual sensibilities. Spending time in Japan has further influenced my creative approach and aesthetics. Developing true craftsmanship and reducing everything to its essence have become a guiding theme in my career, resulting in my motto of ‘Beauty in Simplicity.’ Most of all though, I enjoy collaborating with excellent creatives, team-members as well as connecting with everyone through my work. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with many amazing creatives, agencies and brands over the years, shooting not only in New York but also in Chicago, Boston, Detroit, LA, Miami, Seattle as well as in Europe and Japan. It always fills me with joy to reconnect with those whom I’ve worked with before and if we haven’t done so yet, I’m looking forward to producing memorable work together!

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