Halo Top

What a pleasure to work on this fun and engaging project! Delicious ice cream, shot in a chilled studio with talented people, while hogging all available rental freezers in NYC for a week… Lots of pre-production went into this and was taken care of by producer extraordinaire Jean Jarvis at Area1202. Food Stylist Nir Adar created the perfect scoops and fruit pops from real product with his arsenal of tools, experience and brute scooping strength. The bark is absolutely stunning! Prop Stylist Alma Melendez had all the hero packaging and environments ready to be switched on set at a moments notice, as our shooting schedule was tight. Thank you to Noho Productions for providing an extra studio just for our freezers and fridges to live in.

Post production for stills and animations: Leo Rocha / Manipula

To see the full series, please go here -> https://www.amueller.com/recent/halo-top/thumbs


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