Adidas ‘Born from Light’

Born from light – the new campaigns for Adidas Carbon Futurecraft 4D shoes, including KITH, SNS, INVINCIBLE, FOOT PATROL and NONPARTNER.

With a twist on 3D printing, Adidas produced their new Futurecraft 4D shoes through a process known as Digital Light Synthesis. This process, developed by Carbon, uses digital light projection, oxygen permeable optics, and programmable liquid resins to create Adidas’ beautiful, athletic performance footwear.

Supermacro photography of the 4D printed soles, captured for the background with specialty narrow beam strobes, combined with matching precision lighting for the shoes resulted in this series, styled by Alma Melendez. Retouching by Leo Rocha / Manipula.

Full series -> Adidas Carbon – Futurecraft 4D


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