A needle as thin as a hair

An injection pen for type 2 diabetes treatments, with a needle as thin as a hair.  Definitely an interesting challenge to light and to accomplish what was put forth by the agency:  ‘So thin, patients can’t feel it – photographed elegantly, with the incredibly thin needle gauge apparent but still visible to the naked eye.’  Prop Styling by Alex Niki.

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Tribal DDB – Alcon

Continuation of my collaboration with Tribal DDB for Alcon, with another highly technical assignment, shooting contact lenses, splashes, drips and droplets.  Phase One IQ180 + macro lenses really came in handy for this.  It was a great combination of applying lighting skills & using creativity to shoot something that is clear and tiny and wet and did I mention tiny…?



American Express – Snapple – Novo Nordisk

A very demanding but satisfying month, working with great people on campaigns for American Express, Snapple & Novo Nordisk.  I am grateful to everyone who was part of our collaborations.  Special Thanks go to Lisa, Aaron, Brad, Jillian, Rebecca and Sherry as well as my crew who helped me get through it all… -> Sasha Maslov, Tomo Hatano, Jack Bradshaw, Simon Eugster, Fabiano Feijo and Brigitte Huerzeler.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.50.34 AMsnapple_adrian_mueller_food_photographer_newyork



DDB New York – Alcon contact lenses

As always, this started with a succinct and beautiful brief by Creative Director Jason Macbeth: ‘Wetness and Flexibility.  True science is a work of art.’  Never thought that a contact lens on a water droplet could even be photographed.  Too small, too translucent, too slippery.  Oh well, not the first time I was wrong.